Preparatory courses


The preparatory courses aim to ease your start into your academic life, especially by polishing up your knowledge on the basics of natural sciences.

By taking part you will be able to avoid falling behind during your first semester. You will be better prepared for the requirements of your actual courses and have a first chance to get to know your fellow students. The preparatory courses are currently only offered in German. So if you are interessted in taking part in a preparatory course of your department, please switch to the German version of this page and register your participation following the respective links.

Courses on offer

The courses on offer depend on summer or winter semester schedule:


Department Building and Living

The department building and living offers a preparatory course in chemistry and a combined preparatory course in maths/physics for all bachelor students of food technology. Also on offer is an evening course in maths lasting all semester for all bachelor students of the department.



Department of informatics

The department of informatics offers all new students the chance to refine their mathematical skills in preparation for their studies of informatics. The preparatory course mathematics is open to all first semester students of all bachelor studies of informatics.



Department of engineering

The preparatory course engineering mathematics is designed for first semester students of the following specialisations: mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, safety engineering, sports and rehabilitation engineering. The combined preparatory class mathematics/physics electrical engineering is designed for first semester students of the bachelor courses electrical engineering, cooperative education program electrical engineering, medical engineering, medical informatics as well as industrial engineering with specialisation in electrical engineering.



Department of business studies

The department of business studies offers two preparatory courses for first semester students of all courses of the department: preparatory course in mathematics and a preparatory course in programming.




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