Tutor training

To prepare student tutors for their role and offer high quality tutoring to all participants, the University of Applied Sciences Trier offers tutor training courses online as a blended learning modul on OLAT.

The course was developed in cooperation with the Universities of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen, Koblenz, Worms and Trier.

It contains course materials on the following subjects:

  • your role as tutor
  • Learning
  • Planing your teaching schedual
  • activate your students
  • getting feedback
  • dealing with difficule situations

The course concludes with an assignment to compose a teaching schedual and upload it to the site. During Corona we are currently foregoing the usual in-person conclusion meeting.

By offering the course in a blended learning style the participants are flexible in their course work, time and location wise.

Should you like more information on this course, please contact us using the details below.


Sarah Ulbert
Sarah Ulbert, M.Sc.
Beschäftigte Präsidialbüro


+49 6782 17-1802


Schneidershof | Building J | Room 211
Birkenfeld | Building 9917 | Room 141
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