Meeting platforms

The following platforms - in addition to the systems OLAT and Panopto provided by the VCRP and the in-house platform stud.ip - are also provided by the University of Applied Sciences Trier in WS 20/21 to support your teaching and to conduct online meetings by the university's computer centers or the Computer Center Alliance Rhineland-Palatinate ( ) and the DFN Association.

Communication, collaboration and exchange platforms for online teaching:

Conference platforms for smaller groups:

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Opening hours

IT-ServicePoint: Room G9
Mo.-Fr.:    9:15 - 11:45 hour
Mo.-Th.: 13:45 - 16:00 hour

IT-Workspaces: Rooms G01, G03, G04, G12, G13, G14
[24/7] - at night, on sundays and public holidays with your student card / staffmember card

Questions? Suggestions? Critisism?

Please send an E-Mail to help[at]


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