Organizational rules for the IT departments of Trier University of Applied Sciences

The organizational rules of the IT-departments defines, how they are embedded into tho organizational structures of the university and informs about their responsibilities and duties.

§ 1 Legal status

(1) The IT-departments of the “Trier University of Applied Sciences” are central facilities under the responsibility of the president in accordance with §90, articles 1 and 2 HochSchG.

§ 2 Responsibilities

(1) The supply of the Trier University of Applied Sciences with IT-services by planning and acquisition of data processing systems and computers and communication networks local as well as across campuses guaranteeing safe operation and meeting the universities demands and IT-strategy.

(2) Providing advice and support for the users while utilizing the IT-infrastructure (Hardware, software, communication networks).

(3) Coordinating the utilization of the available IT-resources.

(4) Allocation and administration of access authorizations for the utilization of the IT-infrastructure as well as IT-services of the Trier University of Applied Sciences.

(5) Providing advice and support for the employees of the university regarding acquisition of hardware and software as well as the use and safe operation of IT-systems connected to the IT-infrastructure of the university.

(6) Acquisition and installation of hardware and software licenses required by the IT-departments. Monitoring the licensing rights of the software which is used by the IT-departments.

(7) Fundraising additional funds, for example for requests of large appliances or funded projects.

§ 3 Operation and budget

(1) The provision of IT-resources and supportive capacities usually follows the following list of priorities:

  1. Teaching, research and administration.
  2. Provision of services for third parties who are subject of the university.
  3. Provision of services for third parties acting outside the university.

(2) Details regarding the utilization of the computing systems, the computer networks across campuses as well as additional devices are regulated by the user rules in consideration of paragraph (1).

(3) The Trier University of Applied Sciences provides resources for the IT-departments for self-management in consideration of §90 article 2 HochSchG. With these resources the IT-departments finance expenses for the maintenance of local services, necessary material expenses, as well as personnel expenses such as hiring replacement staff and technical assistants.

(4) In order to cover higher expenses for steps to improve the infrastructure in the field of teaching, research, and administration, further resources will be requested.

(5) Fees for utilization of services of the IT-departments by third parties can be charged in accordance to the country-specific regulations for the fields of science, education, and research.

§ 4 Area of responsibility

(1) The IT-departments provide their services primarily at their respective location.

(2) Services provided across several locations are structured and operated hand in hand after consultation of every involved IT-department.

(3) Peer review is required for new services or such that need to be replaced to verify their ability to be structured and operated across campuses.

(4) IT-infrastructure measures of faculties and the university administration that make use of IT-services within the framework of tasks specified in §2 require consultation of the IT-departments.

(5) The IT-departments are responsible for the operation of the active network technologies of the Trier University of Applied Sciences including all the locations belonging to it. The department III located in Trier and the facilities engineering department located in Birkenfeld are responsible for mechanical works, electricity supply, as well as the passive network technologies.

(6) The workplace administration of the IT-departments includes the basic installation, setting-up and connection of devices to the campus network and the central services as well as the further system maintenance of devices. The support of subject-specific hardware and software has to be provided by the manufacturer.

§ 5 Management

(1) The management and co-management of each IT-department is appointed in accordance with §91, article 1 HochSchG and §23 of the basic order of the Trier University of Applied Sciences.

(2) The appointment of a professor as a manager is effective for a duration of 4 years. Re-appointment is permitted. The appointment of a person in accordance with §37, article 2, nr. 3 or 4, HochSchG as a manager is effective for an indefinite period. The appointment may be revoked at any time.

(3) In accordance with §23 of the basic order of the Trier University of Applied Sciences and in consultation with the management, an employee may be appointed as the technical manager. He or she is responsible for the technical operation of the respective IT-department. The appointment may be revoked at any time.

(4) The management has the right to speak at the senate of the Trier University of Applied Sciences in case of discourse of topics affecting the IT-departments.

§ 6 Responsibilities of the management

(1) The management responsibly coordinates current operations of the respective IT-department. The management provides subject-specific supervision of the IT-department and is subject-specific supervisor of the respective employees. The managers are exclusively authorised to give orders to the employees in subject-specific matters.

(2) In consultation with the president, the management of the IT-departments represents the Trier University of Applied Sciences in every subject-specific or across campuses matters related to information technology.

(3) The management decides upon the utilization of resources assigned to the IT-departments in accordance with §90, article 2, HochSchG as well as the assignment of employees in accordance with §§78 and 80, LPersVG.

(4) The management provides a yearly report for the president containing the use of personnel and material resources of the past year as well as a strategy for the upcoming year.

(5) The management has the responsibility to provide user rules for the IT-departments. These have to be submitted to the senate for consideration.

§ 7 Coming into force

These updated organizational rules, adopted by the senate of the “Trier University of Applied Sciences” become effective on April 30th of 2015.

Trier, April 30th 2015

Prof. Dr. Norbert Kuhn
President of the Trier University of Applied Sciences

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