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Our recommendations:

1. unlock your user-ID and change password

Prerequisite: You are enrolled and have picked up your student ID card in person at the Student Affairs Office (Building G.).

user-ID for students

2. configure WLAN (Eduroam)

If you are already on site. Use our area-wide WLAN (Eduroam).

3. Organize university e-mails

Check your university e-mails regularly at

Forwarding to a private email box is configurable here, but we do not recommend it, as we cannot guarantee delivery.

4. Here we go - More info

Take advantage of our information, consulting, and assistance offers via our web portal

Glühbirne auf Schiefertafel
Opening hours

IT-ServicePoint: Room G9
Mo.-Fr.:    9:15 - 11:45 hour
Mo.-Th.: 13:45 - 16:00 hour

IT-Workspaces: Rooms G01, G03, G04, G12, G13, G14
[24/7] - at night, on sundays and public holidays with your student card / staffmember card

Questions? Suggestions? Critisism?

Please send an E-Mail to help[at]


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