"eduroam" is a secure WLAN that is used internationally, especially at academic institutions, and to which users can log on worldwide using the user-ID of their home institution. The only condition for use is that the home institution is a member of the worldwide eduroam network.

Recommended procedure for members of Trier University to connect for the first time (or in case of connection problems):

  1. If available, completely delete the eduroam profile on your client.
  2. Establish a connection to the Internet. If you do not have a mobile connection available, connect temporarily to our ""-WLAN (see below).
  3. Under the following link, you will be offered an installation program (CAT) for download. Download - and install it. Follow the installation instructions. (Special features for Android: Download the geteduroam App from the "PlayStore" and use it to install the profile (for Android 7 and below eduroamCat).

Important: Enter as login name: "". Only then can you use eduroam at other institutions worldwide.

(unsecured, as temp. access).

After selecting this WLAN, access is via a web interface (an Internet browser may have to be started). Logon then takes place via user ID. A VPN connection must be set up for secure transmission.

Day guests receive a temporary user ID upon request from their host (e-mail to:

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Opening hours

IT-ServicePoint: Room G9
Mo.-Fr.:    9:15 - 11:45 hour
Mo.-Th.: 13:45 - 16:00 hour

IT-Workspaces: Rooms G01, G03, G04, G12, G13, G14
[24/7] - at night, on sundays and public holidays with your student card / staffmember card

Questions? Suggestions? Critisism?

Please send an E-Mail to help[at]


IOS - Special features

Remove old "profile" first

  1. settings --> WLAN --> i : "ignore this network" (if possible).
  2. settings --> general --> profile --> eduroam: "remove profile". Restart!
  3. connect to the internet via the ""-WLAN or via your mobile data connection.
  4. follow the instructions on and download the latest "CAT-Tool" again.
  5. settings --> general --> profiles --> eduroam and install (again) the downloaded profile.
  6. under Settings --> Wlan --> Network select eduroam, it should connect without any queries, under "i" "Ignore this network" should now no longer be present.
  7. delete the wlan "" using (i) "Ignore this network".

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