IT security and data protection

Information security is intended to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. The guarantee of information security in IT essentially covers two areas:

Technical measures: Among other things, the use of virus scanners, spam and phishing filters, prompt security patches for operating systems, regular data backups, encryption of sensitive data, use of firewalls, authentication methods

Organisational measures: Among other things, training and awareness campaigns for users, access authorisations, documentation and procedural guidelines.


Almost every member of this university now uses a PC workstation or mobile device to process a wide variety of information and - in some cases - personal data in order to carry out their daily work. It is more or less taken for granted that the IT working environment and the required data are available, the information is reliable, and the data is protected against unauthorized access.

Unfortunately, it can be seen that these self-evident facts are increasingly being called into question by - in some cases criminal - attacks of various kinds. The focus of constantly changing and increasingly subtle attack methods is not only on IT infrastructures (networks, servers), but also on IT users themselves. Skillful manipulation of individuals is used as a "door opener" to launch a successful attack. In the case of a successful attack, the circle of victims usually extends far beyond the manipulated person.

In order not to leave you "out in the cold" in this increasingly problematic scenario, the university offers a new portal with self-training courses on the topic of information security and data protection for all university employees, in addition to the other training documents which you will find in the bar on the right.

Online courses:

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Team Informationssicherheit

BSI: "Ransomware is and remains the greatest threat"

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Team Informationssicherheit

IMAP and POP3 with TLS only

Screenshot der STARTTLS konfiguration im E-Mail-Client Thunderbird

IMAP and POP3 with TLS only

With immediate effect, unencrypted connections are no longer possible. We have written to all affected persons.

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IT-department Trier

Better identification of phishing emails through EXTERNAL marking

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In case of security incidents or suspected security problems:
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For general information security questions:

For questions about data protection or the handling of personal data:

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