Meeting platforms

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing platform with a focus on e-learning scenarios.

Due to demand, we have put local BigBlueButton servers into operation at both locations. In addition to communication via video and audio, the platform allows for screen sharing, a whiteboard, a chat and jointly editable notes. Lectures can also be recorded for later streaming. It is possible to create and participate in a web conference with any workstation computer that has speakers (or a headphone connection). A webcam and a microphone (preferably a headset) are required to use the video and audio chat. Every employee can create a conference room with his or her university ID. Anyone who knows the name (link) of the room can take part in a conference.


IMPORTANT: Please use only the user name (not the e-mail address) and password to log in.

The following screencast (in German only) provides a short overview and the login to the system:

To The Screencast:

On the online video platform Youtube you can find further useful video instructions (only in English):

Documentation on the user interface in general (4:30 Minutes)

Documentation for consumers (students) (5:30 Minutes)

Documentation for presenters (6:40 Minutes)

Recommendations and advice


  • Be sure to close the room each time after a session is finished.
  • Consider using Panopto to broadcast very large events live via webcast.

Please note: When using the BBB Farm of the Uni Mainz there are (currently) no downloads available.

Client minimum requirements:

  • 2GB main memory
  • dual core CPU
  • Internet connection: min. 1Mbit/s downstream and 0.5Mbit/s upstream
  • Good WLAN or better LAN connection (bad sound quality can be an indication for bad WLAN)

IMPORTANT: The best experiences were made with the browser google chrome.


  • fewer active cameras and lower resolution require less bandwidth from the clients
  • Screen Sharing takes up a lot of bandwidth
  • Presentation / Whiteboard requires very little bandwidth
  • Chat and notes take up very little bandwidth
  • Switching off the microphone during pauses in conversation and using a headset improves the audio quality
  • With the help of these methods, sessions with more than 100 participants are possible

General notes:

  •     When recording a video, it may take some time after the meeting until the video is available
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