Contemporary stone setting

In this workshop we will build and mount settings!

We will look at traditional things and explore new, individual ways. In doing so, we react to shape, size and material properties of the object to be grasped. It is a game with an abundance of possibilities! We wallow in opulence or reduce to the maximum: combine, explore, turn upside down, discover and design. At the end of the workshop we have a piece of jewellery and a small treasure of samples.

Course details

  • date: 8th of August - 12th of August | duration: 5 days, 35 hrs
  • participants: min. 6 / max. 8
  • language: English and German
  • Workshop materials and tools supplied by the participant:

    • basic jewellery tools like saw, plyers, files, drills in different sizes

    • silversheet in various sizes or different wires in silver


Kira Fritsch


Works by Kira Fritsch

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