spinning it further with lightness

In this workshop I would like to share my profound knowledge of this ancient and unusual technique, which I learned in Moscow, Russia, where I was so lucky to find a true master of filigree.

We willl first look at the basics of filigree: how to prepare decorative wires from fine silver, how to make solder alloy for the powdered solder, create special elements from the prepared wires and connect them by soldering the many layers with a soft and bushy flame. 

The excitement of working up all the elements from scratch into a delicate, three-dimensional piece provides a great source of inspiration for the participants’ own work. Plus, it’s an opportunity for them to integrate this knowledge into their own previously acquired skill sets. 

Diving into the traditional and giving it a contemporary expression and shape will be a very exciting journey. I look forward to joining the students on their journey during these five days...


Course details

  • date: 12th of August - 16th of August | duration: 5 days, 35 hrs
  • participants: min. 8 / max. 12
  • language: English and German 


Susanne Matsché


Supply list for participants

Please bring the following items:

  • files: at least one half round needle file, one half round hand file
  • tweezers: one pair for soldering
  • one pair of narrow tweezers with needle like tips (ideally never used in flame before) - see the tweezers that are suited e.g. at (nr. 4341)
  • shears or cutters for cutting thin wires
  • pliers: round nose, chain nose and/or flat nose pliers
  • small jar for the powdered solder (e.g. old cosmetic cream jar), make sure it is the edge is not very high so you can grab the solder easily.
  • optional:
    • flat-nose pliers with nylon jaws (very helpful!)
    • optional: old fashioned hand drill for twisting wire (e.g. from
    • ​​​optional, if you want to learn how to set a stone in filigree style: one high-dome bottom oval or round cabochon gemstone or glass bead (min 10mm diameter, gemstone can be cheap)

We will provide:

  • the fine/ sterling silver wire you will need for the workshop. The cost of the wire for each participant will be between 50 and 60 Euros.(If you want to bring your own wire, please get back to us and we will send you a list of the lengths and thicknesses. In that case, however, it will be very important that you make sure to have the exact thickness and that all the wires are dead soft.)
  • Each participant will get a jar of special glue we will use, a jar is 7 Euros.
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