VoIP - Telephone and Fax

The VoIP system of the Trier University of Applied Sciences combines the number ranges of all locations. This applies to the following locations

  • Trier - 0651-8103-xxx
  • Birkenfeld - 06782-17-xxxx
  • Idar-Oberstein - 06781-9463-xx

If necessary, further areas can be added. For internal and cross-location communication, the phone numbers are uniquely identified by means of location numbers.

External calls

All calls to and from external subscribers continue to be made via your previous telephone number.

Internal calls on site

For all calls within a location, the previous internal numbers can still be used.

Internal calls to another location and special features

For the internal communication between the locations, as well as the use of the telephone book, fax functions and the answering machine, your internal phone number has been extended to 5 digits by means of an localization number:

  • 600 + <2-digit phone number> for Idar-Oberstein
  • 60   + <3-digit phone number> for Trier (Schneidershof, Paulusplatz and Irminenfreihof)
  • 6     + <4-digit phone number> for Birkenfeld

Examples of telephone numbers

  • Phone number 10 in Idar-Oberstein can be reached from any location via the 60010.
  • Phone number 100 in Trier can be reached from any location via the 60100.
  • Phone number 1000 in Birkenfeld can be reached from any location via the 61000.
Opening hours

IT-ServicePoint: Room G9
Mo.-Fr.:    9:15 - 11:45 hour
Mo.-Th.: 13:45 - 16:00 hour

IT-Workspaces: Rooms G01, G03, G04, G12, G13, G14
[24/7] - at night, on sundays and public holidays with your student card / staffmember card

Questions? Suggestions? Critisism?

Please send an E-Mail to help[at]hochschule-trier.de


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