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Awareness: Report SPAM and phishing correctly

Efficiently report SPAM and phishing emails to the IT departments for quick response.

Every day, SPAM and phishing emails are reported to the IT departments in Trier and at the Environmental Campus by attentive colleagues at the university. However, the information on the critical e-mails is not always sufficient to be able to take measures quickly. Therefore, here are brief instructions on how to report SPAM and phishing e-mails:

  1. Screenshots are not enough. Forwarding or attaching is important!
    The essential information for the mail server admins is hidden in the meta data of the email. A screenshot usually only provides insufficient data. Forward the e-mail in question completely to the IT departments using the "Forward" function in your e-mail client. This is the only way to ensure that all necessary data is available. Alternatively, you can save the e-mail to a file and submit it as an attachment.
  2. Report to the correct address!
    Reporting to a specific person in the IT departments unnecessarily delays processing. Always forward phishing mails to phishing(at) You can report SPAM mails to help(at) or help(at)
  3. Speed is of the essence!
    Report a SPAM or phishing e-mail while it is "hot" ;-) The first few hours are often decisive. Mails that are already several days old are usually already known to the IT departments. In these cases, save yourself the report and simply delete the mail.
  4. Fooled? Report it immediately!
    If you have clicked on the link in a phishing e-mail, opened the attachment of a dangerous e-mail or even entered your access data in a fake website, please report this immediately to sicherheitsvorfall(at)! Only with your help and honesty is it possible for us to react accordingly in these cases.
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