Printing, plotting and scanning in the IT department

University members have access to various printers and plotters (LFP) in room D014a.

Instruction: Printing in the RZ via print account (1)

  1. Recharge your "print account" (1) at the automatic pay station (Foyer Bldg. G).
  2. Create print file (for billing)
    • Login to a PC of the IT department (D014a)
    • Copy PDF document to the desktop and open it (Alternatively directly in the application (Word, Excel, ...)
    • MENU: File / Print: Select printer (LD3, TP1, ...)
    • If necessary: set properties (paper size, etc.)
    • Print: Save print file [*.ps, *.prn] to drive path /netprint
      • IMPORTANT: Your print files on the /netprint directory are public. They are automatically deleted once a day (at night). Delete your print files immediately after printing, if personal data is to be derived from the print file, or save them to your personal "home directory" (network drive h:).
  3. Print and pay (billing)
    • At the print terminal (D014a), select the desired printer [1] - and then [2] the print file from the netprint directory (\\carlson\netprint).
    • An analysis [3] of the print file follows (note the traffic light). The determined print costs are displayed.
    • Press "Print" button [4]. After the query whether you want to print the selected file, a login window opens (access to your print account) and the debit takes place.  Printout takes place at the selected printer.

1) Virtual print account in connection with your user-ID. Transfer desired amount from university card, giro card, visa card. Account balance and turnover can be viewed here:

Overview and prices

B/W Print

Paper: 80 gr/m²

  • ld3 (Kyocera): G014a: 0,05 €/A4-page, 0,10 €/A3-page

Paper: 100 gr/m²

  • cld2 (Canon-ImagePress): G14: 0,30 €/A4-page, 0,60 €/A3-page

Papers from role with a width of 36" (91.4cm)

Coated papers:

  • 90 gr/m², 120 gr/m², 180gr/m²:  tp1, tp3: D014a: 2,00 € / m

Photo papers:

  • 190 gr/m² - satin, glossy:  tp4 (HPDJ Z5600PS): D014a: 4,00 € / m
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