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Paulusplatz Building
Photo: Prof. Jörg Obergfell

The relationship between idea and material is an important area of research in the field of design. Recent theories such as Bricolage, Object Oriented Ontology or Speculative Realism try to think the design cognitive process from the material. In this sense, the Mobile Material Lab project aims to create an innovative communication and research space that expands the classic concept of the material library by moving it to the center of the campus and combining it with a meeting and communication space. 
Especially in times of scarce resources, it is important not only to develop new, sustainable materials, but also to make innovative use of existing or used materials. The unique space, storage and exhibition concept of the Mobile Material Laboratory is intended to create an interdisciplinary base station for material-oriented research and design. The thesis that such a space promotes "thinking in materials" and that innovative, contemporary design approaches emerge from it can then be tested and evaluated in all design disciplines in corresponding seminars.
The Mobile Material Lab is deliberately planned as a communication space. It is intended not only to anchor and promote reflection and dialogue about materials in everyday university life, but also to create presentation areas and a space for events on the topic. Individual containers and material samples can also be taken to seminars and lectures. Many of the materials that will be on display and touchable in the mobile materials library are of cross-cutting interest to the disciplines at the university. To take woven, extruded or hot-formed plastics as an example, they are used in everything from fashion, architecture, interior design, product development, display construction, jewelry and many other areas. The possibility of cooperation in the procurement and joint use of material samples in the department or even beyond (Environmental Campus Birkenfeld) is thus given per se.

Consortium Department of Design, Communication Design, Artistic Design
Duration June 2021 - permanent
Funded by Trier University of Applied Sciences in the university's own research funding, Dean's Office Design, Department of Communication Design
Funding amount 13,500 €; share of the university's own research funding: 9000 €

Project Management at Trier University of Applied Sciences:

Prof. Harald Wilhelm Steber
Prof. Harald Wilhelm Steber, Dipl.-Des.
Professor FB Gestaltung - FR Kommunikationsdesign


Paulusplatz | Building S | Room 109
Prof. Jörg Obergfell
Professor FB Gestaltung


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