In order to support you in the realization of your study projects, we have a wide range of facilities in our house, some of which are available 24/7.

Every student can get a workplace on the 3rd floor, where they can develop their designs around the clock and also store their work equipment.

You can build your models in the wood workshop in the basement under the supervision of Peter Bach. Furthermore, two tutors run a laser studio and a digilab with two 3D printers. In order to be able to present the finished models properly, we also have a photo studio with professional equipment and a tutor who will help you to take the best possible pictures of your models.

If the evening gets longer or you need hot water for tea or coffee, you can use our fully equipped kitchen in the studio area.

Opening hours and Contact

Facility Room Contact Opening hours
Wood workshop Room D015/D016 Peter Bach Mon-Thu: 06:30-15:30/Fri: 06:30-13:00
Painting Room Room D034 Peter Bach same as the workshop
Photo Studio Room D014 M. Schwarz/Prof. Robert Thum/Tutor by arrangement
Photo Development Chamber Room D6 M. Schwarz by arrangement
DigiLab 3D-Print Room D103 Prof. Robert Thum/Tutor by arrangement
Lasercutter Room D101 Prof. Robert Thum/ Tutor booking system
Studio Bachelor Room D307/D309 Student Council 24/7
Studio Master Room D308 Student Council 24/7
Kitchen Room D306 Student Council 24/7
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