Former Lecturers

Berg, Judith, M.A.
Subject: Architecture in Urban Context, Ensemble Design Projekt

Berger, Daniel, Dipl.-Ing. Architekt
Subject: Construction I

Bleck, Dietmar, Dipl.-Oec.
Subject: International Project Marketing

Christmann, Axel , Dipl.-Ing. Architekt
Subject: Construction V

Çömez, Alican, M.A.
Subject: Design Projekt I und Construction I

Frechen, Christopher, M.A.
Subject: Design Projekt I

Hank, Hannah, B.A.
Subject: Digital Visualisation

Kirchner, G.G ., Dipl.-Ing. 
Subject: Representation and Presentation Strategies

Kleppe, Martin
Subject: Building and Designing with Solid Building Materials

Lang, Ruben, Dipl.-Ing. Architekt BDA
Subject: Special Topics in Construction

Lorang, Julie, M.A.
Subject: Design Projekt I

Mahler, Karl-Uwe, Dr.
Subject: Building History and Basics of Project planning in a historical Context

Mentler, Katharina, Dipl.-Ing.
Subject: Construction I

Meurer, Karsten, R.A.
Subject: Planning and Building Law I

Neukirch, Vanessa
Subject: Construction I

Willems-Bender, Iris, M.A. Dipl.Ing. FH Architektin BDA
Subject: Design Projekt I

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