Holzkompetenzzentrum, Architecture

On 30.10.2019 the Holzkompetenzzentrum Trier received the funding decision for max. 340 TSD € from the sponsor.

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Die Ingenieurkammer hat im Rahmen der BIM-Clustertreffen RLP in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Holzbau-Cluster RLP zu einer Fortbildungsveranstaltung…

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Die jährliche Veranstaltung "Holzbaugespräche" veranstaltet vom Holzkompetenzzentrum unter der Leitung von Prof. Dr. Wieland Becker richtet sich…

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Institute of Advanced Timber Architecture and Engineering

The institute, founded in 2010, is part of the Department of Architecture and combines tradition with the latest research and technology in timber architecture and engineering. In our courses, architecture students receive fundamental knowledge on planning and construction with timber and timber composites. The institute researches various fields of timber engineering with a focus on innovative joint technology.

Teaching and research in timber construction

Prof. Dr. Wieland Becker/Architecture

Hochschule Trier
Schneidershof D104 - 107
54293 Trier


(0) 651 8103 267/418

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