2nd Trier Conversation on Timber Construction - 2012

On May 11th, 2012, the 2nd Trier Conversation on Timber Construction was put on by the Wood Science and Research Department at Trier University of Applied Sciences as well as the Chamber of Trade in Trier and the State Advisory Committee for Wood in Rhineland-Palatinate. Around 100 participants from Rhineland-Palatinate, Luxembourg and Belgium enjoyed a challenging program of talks.

The opening words were given by the Vice President of Trier University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Norbert Kuhn, Thomas Egger, head of the Economic Affairs Office in Trier, and Dr. Manfred Bitter, head of the Chamber of Trade in Trier.

The talks started with the winner of the Wood Construction Prize 2011, architect Angela Fritsch of Darmstadt, who reported on the execution and details of her prize-wining projects. After a talk on structural-physical challenges to sound insulation in timber constructions by Dipl.-Ing. Axel Bettdendorf from the Chamber of Trade in Trier came the talk by Prof. Dr. Wieland Becker, professor of wood science and research. Professor Becker gave an overview of work done in his department since its founding in 2010. He also presented a tool for non-destructive testing of standing timber, lumber, and wood constructions undergoing restoration. This allows communities and companies in the region to request this service from Trier University of Applied Sciences. Finally, the work of Trier’s collaborative partner, Mainz University of Applied Sciences, was introduced. BA-eng. Michael Drass, a graduate of the program for Engineered Timber Construction and Building Construction headed by Prof. Kay-Uwe Schober, reported on new aspects in bonded steel rods. In the afternoon, the event continued with a presentation on the construction and calculation of historical roof trusses by Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Meisel, who works in an office for design calculation checks in Hamburg. He presented his research from the Timber Construction Institute of Graz University of Technology. The new professor for digital design and construction at Trier University of Applied Sciences, Professor Martin Schroth, presented on the opportunities for digital design, construction and manufacturing. This process, without which modern constructions such as the Centre Pompidou in Metz would not be possible, is another area of focus relating to timber at Trier University of Applied Sciences. Matthias Hettinger from Holzbau Steffen in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, presented on outstanding timber and mixed-timber constructions. The company Holzbau Steffen has demonstrated years of competence and innovation, contributing to quality development in the field.

The final presentation, presented by two students from the Department of Fashion Design at Trier University of Applied Sciences, showed new areas of application for fiber composite materials in creating attractive and modern textiles. Especially the use of beech wood as a basis for the fibers presented an interesting final accent to the second Trier Conversations on Timber Construction.

The event has been recognized as a training event by the Chamber of Architects Rhineland-Palatinate and the Chamber of Engineers Rhineland-Palatinate.

More information on the research and the non-destructive strength test can be given by the secretary of the Wood Science and Research section, Frau M. Schwarz, under 0651-8193 289 or Mandy.Schwarz(at)fh-trier.de.

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