Two-Semester Certificate Program

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Dear interested students,

This two-semester program is planned to begin in October 2019.

The first semester will consist of two blocks. In Block A, the focus is on social competency (self-marketing, body language, communication, employee management and conflict management) and project management (contract law in accordance with the German Civil Code and the Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations, working with MS-Project, project management, technical controlling). Block B covers wood-appropriate design (historical and contemporary timber constructions, physics of wood, state building code and fire safety, building physics and energy efficiency, and the foundations of CAD/CAM processes). This lays the groundwork for more specialization in the second semester, covering the topics of digitalization and CAD/CAM (CAD, digitalization, CAM construction/production) or multi-story timber and mix-timber construction (urban consolidation in preexisting spaces, support structures, hybrid construction, concepts for reinforcing, standards and laws).

This program will offer CAD/CAM content that goes beyond what is learned during training programs for carpenters (for example DIETRICH, SEMA, CADWORK) or during the master’s program in Architecture and will include the modelling and manufacture of complex structures. Another focus will be designs employing experimental methods (such as building physics for sound and heat insulation), which enables the planning and construction of faultless timber structures. Additionally, during the 2nd semester it will be possible to suggest and carry out your own projects. Experts in specific fields will be invited to share their knowledge in selected classes as well.


Admission Requirements

  1. Certificate of qualification for university entrance and at least 2 years’ relevant job experience or equivalent OR

Certificate of an apprenticeship or job training program with a grade of at least a 2,5 (B) and at least two years’ job experience or equivalent in accordance with §65 section 2 of the Hochschulgesetz (Higher Education Act)


  1. Master’s students in the Architecture or Civil Engineering programs can complete the certificate as part of their elective requirements. After successfully completing the program, students not only receive the credit points for the courses, but also a certificate in “timber construction”. Generally, out of a total of 18 participants in this program, only four will be master’s students.

Minimum number of students

A minimum of 10 external, paying participants per semester is required for the course to take place. If fewer than 10 students sign up, the course will not take place.


Class times

The classes will meet over the course of 16 weeks. They will take place on Mondays from 8:00-17:00. An alternative block seminar can be discussed with participants and instructors.



The per-semester fee for external participants is currently at least €1,300 and at most €1,500 (dependent on number of participants). In addition, there is a one-time exam fee of €200 at the end of the second semester. The fees should be paid to the university before every semester or when registering for the exam


Exams and Qualification

Students will receive their certification when all module exams and the final thesis have been successfully completed. Once completed, a certificate will be issued which includes:

  1. the name of the program and the specific focus (“Digitalization and CAD/CAM” or “Multi-Story Timber and Mix-Timber Construction”)

  2. Topic of the final thesis

Deadline for applications: August 9th, 2019

Questions about applications can be answered by Herr Prof. Dr. Becker 0651 8103 -DW 289, Frau Mandy Schwarz -DW 289 or Herr Kjølsrud –DW 418

Study Guide Certificate Course in Timber Construction

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