Module description 2nd semester Multi-storey mixed wood construction

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Goals: The students know the possibilities and limits of multi-storey wood and wood hybrid construction. They are familiar with the relevant laws, guidelines and standards. They have the ability to recognise building physics correlations and to deal with problems in heat, moisture, noise and fire protection. Students have an understanding of the loads that occur on buildings and how they are removed. They are able to assess the load-bearing behaviour and the stiffening of a building. On the basis of the building law, building physics and static requirements, the students are able to design components and component connections.

Content: The content is conveyed to the students by means of exercises, examples and project work. The connection between theory and practice is emphasized. The students receive an introduction to the building law requirements for timber construction and learn how to apply the guidelines and standards. The energetic and building physics influences and effects are examined on the basis of building components. A basic understanding of structural design is imparted with the help of examples and exercises. This includes load determination, load transfer and reinforcement of structures. The contents mentioned are brought together in the construction of components. Here, the implementation of constructions according to requirements is examined, assessed and own solutions are developed. Aspects of building services in wood and mixed wood construction methods are determined.

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