Module description 1st semester


Targets: Students learn to organise projects and clearly define project goals. They will learn about management control instruments. They will become familiar with the rules of social interaction in professional dealings and learn instruments and methods.
of business controlling. Special competences in contract law according to BGB and VOB, scheduling and resource planning with MS-Project as well as practice-oriented case studies in the interaction between client, specialist planner, building owner and contractor will become familiar.

Content: Speakers from the fields of corporate management, marketing, business controlling and project management in the construction and assignment process impart their subject-specific contents with a high practical relevance. By case studies of the project management and mediated Communication methods participants are confronted with real challenges of the professional practice and use these in the sense of an individual creation of value.

- Project Management Definition, Methods and Objectives
- Marketing and individual appearance
- Corporate management and mission statement
- Basic course in accounting and control instruments
- Tools for brainstorming and problem solving


Goals: The students have a basic knowledge of the planning, construction and processing of wood and derived timber products. They are able to perform simple mechanical calculations. They know the properties and material behaviour of wood and wood-based materials. Students are familiar with the basics of thermal insulation and energetic construction. The students have basic knowledge of CAD/CAM.

Content: Through exercises and project work, the basics for multi-storey timber construction are developed. The students receive an introduction to the material wood. They get to know the properties and material behaviour in exercises and smaller experiments. A basic framework of the technical mechanics is developed with the help of examples, so that the load transfer can be calculated independently on simply statically determined systems. Basics of building physics and energetic building are explained theoretically and practically. CAD/CAM methods and software knowledge are imparted on the basis of a small project and the students are brought on the state of the art.

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