Module description 2nd semester CAD/CAM

Goals: The students know the effects and possibilities of the new digital manufacturing techniques and their application in timber construction/architecture. They have the skills to work on designs with digital tools, to evaluate them and to fabricate complex constructions. They have an understanding of the role of digital design and fabrication in construction and as a driver of innovation.
The students know the individual steps of the digital process chain, and can use the entire process for the realization of their designs. They know the interface between design and manufacturing data and can transfer this data. The students have insights into manufacturing processes and their operative control with a focus on wood as a material.

Content: Project work provides an overview and application of the digital process chain; students receive an introduction to working with CAD programs (component-based and free-form modellers). Project drafts are deepened through design analysis and exploration of design possibilities with the help of digital tools. Basics of common fabrication methods (CAD/CAM, nesting, interface selection, tool properties, etc.) are taught; CAD data from the project work is further processed with CAM programs and the application of digital fabrication methods is investigated using simulation, rapid prototyping and various fabrication processes. Knowledge of the material properties of wood will be integrated into the strategic choice and optimisation of manufacturing processes and assembly.

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