Campus of Art and Design / Trier

Irminenfreihof / Building Q:
Ground Floor: Deanery | Cafeteria | International Office | Student Services | Fashion Design Library | Fashion Design Classrooms
1st Floor: Fashion Design Administrative Office | Function Room Q128 | Equipment Borrowing | Fashion Design Classrooms
2nd Floor: Fashion Design Staff Offices

Langstraße / Building R:
Basement: Intermedia Design Classrooms | Labs and Workshops (Media Labs, 3D-Printing Lab, Audio Lab, VR Lab, Motion-Capturing Studio)
Ground Floor: Intermedia Design Administrative Office | Intermedia Design Classrooms
First Floor: Intermedia Design Classrooms | Intermedia Design Staff Offices

Paulusplatz / Building S:
Basement: Wood and Metal Workshop | Screen Printing | Model Workshop
Ground Floor: Printing Services | Computer Labs | Photo Lab | Communication Design Classrooms
First Floor: Communication Design Classrooms | Communication Design Administrative Office | Staff Offices
Second Floor: Interior Design Administrative Office | Auditorium | Interior Design Classrooms and Staff Offices
Third Floor: Gallery | Interior Design Classrooms and Staff Offices | Creative Design Classroom and Staff Offices

Idar-Oberstein (Gemstone and Jewellery)

You can find all information about the Idar-Oberstein location here

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