Faculty Council

The faculty council advises and decides on matters of fundamental importance to the faculty. It is composed of representatives of the professors, academic staff, non-academic staff and students of the individual fields of study of the faculty of design. 
All courses of study are equally represented.

Mail: fbrat-ges(at)fh-trier.de


Prof. Dr. Linda Breitlauch (IMD)
Prof. Daniel Gilgen (IMD)
Prof. Andreas Hogan (KD)
Prof. Frank Kasprusch (AR) 
Prof. Henriette Sauvant (KD)
Prof. Dr. Matthias Sieveke (AR, Dekan)
Prof. Theo Smeets (ES, Prodekan)
Prof. Dr. Christina Threuter (MD)
Prof. Dirk Wolfes (MD, Prodekan)

Laura Carlotta Schreiber (MD)
Viktoria Prokopow (MD)
Susie Heuberger (ES)
Keyvan Varashk (KD)
Sascha Pries (IA)
Sebastian Genz (IMD)

Marcus Haberkorn, Akad. Rat (IMD)
Reinhard Hanke (Dekanat)


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