Field of Study Intermedia Design

Networked Thinking and Creative Action

The study for lateral thinkers. Lateral entrants. Meaning seekers. Transients. For local heroes, early birds and old hands. For inventors, thinkers, gamers, coders and designers.

As an intermedia designer you develop contemporary, creative solutions in interactive digital media. You will learn to apply the latest possibilities in design, technology and conception in an innovative way. With these skills, which are in high demand, you will work in promising professional fields as a game designer, web designer, motion designer, interface/interaction designer, user experience designer, conceptual designer and many more.

Here you design websites, apps and other interactive media systems, conceive and develop games, tell and stage stories in videos and animations or invent completely new media-based products and services.

Facts at a Glance

Study future-oriented media design at the University of Applied Sciences Trier!


  • Range of Courses:
    Bachelors and Master’s Degree
  • Study Location:
    Irminenfreihof + Building R
    (Paulusplatz) - Campus of Design Trier

  • Questions?
    Gabriele Heinzelmann: 
    Phone.: 0651 - 8103 106
    or g.heinzelmann(at)

  • The field of study's external website:


All information about the Bachelor and Master application can be found here:

Application and Admission

Dates: Consulting and Application

If you would like to study intermedia design for the coming semester, please note the following dates for consultations and your application:

Consultation and Application Deadlines


Information for Alumni

Our former students are involved in Intermedia Design e.V. more information coming soon!

Information for Cooperation

Intermedia design cooperation


Every semester, students can test and develop their skills in study-integrated cooperation projects with other universities and research institutions, public institutions, non-profit organisations and companies. In these real-life contexts, they face the challenge of measuring their design against the requirements of their partners, customers and users.

Are you interested in a cooperation? 
Please contact us!

Here you will find cooperations that we have already implemented together with institutions, organisations and companies Cooperations Archive

Why Intermedia Design?

Why You Should Choose Intermedia Design!

Practical Project Studies & Cooperation

Project-based work and study
In order to train you to become the creative personality of tomorrow, the lessons take place in small groups. This offers a lot of time for intensive and individually adapted supervision by the lecturers. After the orientation phase, applied, project-based work will be the focus of your studies. Each semester you will implement 4-5 larger and smaller projects, so that you will have an impressive portfolio at the end of your Bachelor's degree.

Cooperations: Developing and designing work with partners.
In order to experience what your skills are worth, each semester different cooperations with partners from business, society and culture are offered. Intermedia Design fulfils the claim to offer a consistently user-centred design study programme at the cutting edge of design. The educational concept therefore includes the systematic integration of study, development and innovation in the field.


Your Talents for a Lot of Really Good Jobs!

Job profiles and future prospects
Can you actually do anything with it later on? Yes, a lot! 
Depending on your personal talents, your studies will qualify you for a lot of excellent jobs:

  • screen designer
  • digital art director
  • digital creative
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Online producer
  • Content Manager
  • Web & App Developer
  • Game developer
  • Application Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Conceptionist
  • Social Media Manager

Apply now!

You have nothing to lose - on the contrary!

The application procedure is always worth a try. Especially if you don't really know if the intermedia studies suit you yet. During the application process you can get to know us and the study program. That way you will quickly notice whether intermedia design fits to you or not. 

Register now on the official application page of the University of Applied Sciences Trier!
You can find all the subsequent steps and an overview under Application


Your New Learning Environment!

We are a colorful team of professors, lecturers, employees and students.


  • Team: Our lecturers and professors are themselves active in their professional and research fields. So you not only get to know the content, but also gain an insight into how the free economy works.
  • Student Council: The Student Council strengthens the cohesion in the department. All students of the course can participate.
  • Working and learning atmosphere: The proximity to our students therefore creates a unique working and learning atmosphere. Classes take place in small groups. This offers plenty of time for intensive supervision.
  • Facilities: Whether hand-made hero or digital native, our workshops and laboratories give every idea the necessary freedom. Technology rental and software are on top of it! 
  • More information about intermedia design:
    You can also find it on the external website for the discipline:
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