Who is the Course of Studies suitable for?

Intermedia design (IMD) is a course of study for all those interested in the creative possibilities of new, digital media - for web and mobile applications, for the potential of digital games, for the coupling of virtual and real spaces, for novel human-computer interfaces, for different game formats and their fields of application, for video and 3D design. If you want to get involved with design and technologies to help shape the digital future, then apply!


Is It Worthwhile to Study With a Previous Education as a Media Designer?

1. Deepen Your Knowledge

If you have already completed an apprenticeship as a media designer, then you already have a great skill set on which to build your studies. We will show you how to apply your previous knowledge to digital media and give you the necessary tools (programming languages, 3D modelling, creative techniques etc.) so that you can realize your ideas freely!


2. Developing Your Portfolio

Those who apply themselves during this time will build up a great portfolio. And that opens many doors for you later in the creative industry. During your studies, you will learn how to implement ideas independently, but also how to get to know yourself better. Through the various possibilities that the intermedia design course offers you, you can first try yourself and find out who you are as a designer.


3. More Diverse Career Opportunities

Whether you're thinking about becoming self-employed later on, or just want to keep your options open, with a degree in intermedia design you can work in many areas. Thanks to the versatile education you are prepared for numerous jobs.


4. Specializations

During your training you have already come into contact with digital and analog media. In the intermedia design course you not only have the opportunity to deepen and apply your previous knowledge, but also the space for specialization.  During the first two semesters, you will get to know all areas of study, including those that have not yet played a role in your training - so it won't be boring for you despite your previous education. From the third semester on, you can choose to specialize in narrative formats or game design, for example!


5. Qualification for Your Further Education

Who knows what the future will bring? Maybe you would like to qualify for management positions or orientate yourself later in a scientific field? To keep all career options open, a bachelor's degree is worthwhile, as it also qualifies you for a master's degree. In addition, there are positions in the media industry for which you can only apply with a master's degree.


Creative and Interdisciplinary Environment

The Design Campus is located on the banks of the Moselle near the city centre. 

Almost 1,000 students live and work here in the fields of intermedia design, communication design, fashion design, interior design and architecture. In your future career you will work in mixed teams. You will also learn this through joint projects with students from other design subjects, but also from computer science (digital media and games). Integrated into the course of studies is the annual 'Interdisciplinary Project Week', in which all subjects of the design department work together on interdisciplinary projects. The Design Campus is then transformed into a bubbling creative pool in which students and lecturers from all disciplines work together on an interdisciplinary basis.

Studies at a Glance

The intermedia design course at the University of Applied Sciences Trier:

Range of Courses:

  • Bachelor Studies
  • Master Studies
  • Start of Studies: Winter and summer semester
  • Study Location: Irminenfreihof + Building R
    (Paulusplatz) - Campus of Design Trier
  • Admission: Admission free
  • Prerequisite: advanced technical college entrance qualification or university entrance qualification, pre-study internship and application procedure
  • Questions Gabriele Heinzelmann: 
    Phone.: 0651 - 8103 106
    or g.heinzelmann(at)

Educational Areas

Central Educational Areas

Are you interested in a specific educational area?
Here you can see an overview of our central teaching areas. You can find more information about the individual study contents on the external website of the department intermedia design.


Study Courses

Bachelor and Master studies

The standard period of study for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is six semesters. Students who integrate a semester of practical training or a semester abroad into their studies study for seven semesters. After the bachelor's degree, the major in intermedia design in the master's degree course in design offers a direct connection.


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