In working groups topics relevant to the department are discussed and worked on. In these creativity and knowledge pools, concepts are developed which serve as a basis for decisions by the departmental council. Students, staff and lecturers can all contribute their suggestions here. Lean management, efficiency, communication, networking and cooperation are constantly reviewed and optimised and guarantee future-oriented study concepts.

Study and Teaching Committee 

While maintaining the established and classical study program/specialist profiles, the possibilities of Bachelor and Master should be used and elaborated for the integration and identity formation of the Design Faculty. Internationality and interdisciplinarity (or transdisciplinarity) are important basic requirements here.

With regard to the establishment of a Master's program, the question arises in particular as to the (not yet exhausted or to be developed) innovation potential of the department or the profile of research and development in this department.

The committee also deals with the topic of system accreditation and thus provides important preparatory work for upcoming accreditations or the accreditation of new study programs.






Prof. Theo Smeets (Chair)
Prof. Dr. Linda Breitlauch
Prof. Andreas Hogan
Prof. Martin Schroth
Prof. Bernhard Sill
Prof. Dr. Christina Threuter

Frau Annina Baeger
Frau Martina Gunzer
Herr Marcus Haberkorn
Herr Dennis Hill
Frau Ricarda Reif

Frau Joelle Biwald
Frau Hannah Heinz
Frau Laura Schreiber
Herr Keyvan Varashk

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