About Rhythm - Margherita Berselli

Margherita Berselli (MFA 2020), brooch, "Intersecting Score 1" from the series "Rhythmical Score", turmalined quartz, silver-plated stainless steel, 2020

"About Rhythm"
Margherita Berselli

Prof. Ute Eitzenhöfer, Prof. Eva-Maria Kollischan 

Master Abschlussarbeit,
Fachrichtung Edelstein und Schmuck
Wintersemester 2019/2020

Margherita Berselli considers the artistic gesture as a sign, a fold. It is able to interact with the surrounding space and to generate a new rhythm. From her point of view, this artistic gesture is not ending with the physical action on the material, but it's able to move itself to the audience, as a resonance, as a wave.
Her final collection is titled "Score". The Score represents for her a space where a series of signs is taking place. Score is a group of structured signs on a surface. Their specific positions determine the surrounding space and reveal a new rhythm. Her final collection is a group of pieces made mainly in tourmaline and rutile quartz. The characteristics of this specific material happen to be its connection to the body. Extensions, lines projections, empty spaces and divisions, all these elements are activated in her pieces, trying to explore the relation between the stone-matter and the body.



Margherita Berselli (MFA 2020), earrings, "Segments Spaces" from the series "Rhythmical Score", turmalined quartz, silver, obsidian, 2020
Margherita Berselli (MFA 2020), brooch, "Underscore" from the series "Rhythmical Score", turmalined quartz, silver, stainless steel, 2020
Margherita Berselli (MFA 2020), "Rhythmical Score", turmalined quartz, 2020
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