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Sihui Li (BFA 2022) gewinnt Preis "Junge Schmuckkunst im Museum"

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Sihui Li, die für ihre 2 Broschen #15-1 und #15-2 den diesjährigen Preis "Junge Schmuckkunst im Museum" der Internationalen Gesellschaft der Freunde des Schmuckmuseums Pforzheim e.V. gewonnen hat. Ausgezeichnet werden junge Schmuckkünstler*innen, die in ihrer Arbeit bestätigt und gefördert werden sollen. Schmuckstücke der Gewinnerin / des Gewinners werden für die Moderne Sammlung des Schmuckmuseums Pforzheim angekauft.

"Since 2019, there has always been one place in my home country or Europe that is suffering. I can't escape the feeling of being caught in between two places or being torn in half. I fled back and forth between physical reality and cyberspace, looking for an ice floe to stay on for a little moment. This series of works is a record and a reflection of such experience.
I am trying to find and express a state of "in-between", between one moment and the next, between reality and illusion, between movement and stand still, between appearance and disappearance...... And this state is not static and finite. Amid two opposing forces exists a very small space, a tiny and narrow gap. That can be either the place where the transformation takes place or where the two forces collide. It is a passage or a solid boundary. The journey of exploration and practice is to enter into this space of "in-between", to feel the strong pressure and the attraction between them. 
My works compose a letter for those days on the ice floe. Welcome to the in-between."

Sihui Li (BFA 2022)

Sihui Li: #15-1 #15-2 | 2 Broschen | Bergkristall, Stahl | 2022 © Sihui Li

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