Jekaterina Smirnova MFA


Supervision: Prof. Ute Eitzenhöfer, Prof. Eva-Maria Kollischan, Prof. Theo Smeets

"The interconnectedness of everything reflects the organization and unity of this world. Everything is in a relationship with each other and nothing is completely independent. One can even say, that life itself is a form of material interactions. And here is bold speculation, that interaction is at the heart of the world's existence.

A contemporary artist is looking for human beings and their "presence" is the highest value. It correlates seamlessly with the importance of contact.
Since a man is a "creature" for communication - it becomes an essential part of contemporary art.
Tatyana Chernigovskaya, neuroscience and psycholinguistic scientist likes to ask critical questions during her lectures and once she asked - ‘"If a man disappears, will there be any music left?"If there is no listener, viewer, reader, there is also no artwork. Art cannot exist without the beholder and the beholder here is a co-author.
“Profound art enables us to see the majesty of a mountain, the persistence of a tree, and the smile of a stranger. Art also directs our awareness of our own sense of self and being.”2.
Art is making a reality. Art acts as an energy that connects not only objects and subjects among themselves, but every phenomenon around us, being a trigger that connects and transforms the space."

1Chernigovskaya, Tatyana: ‘The whole universe in a human brain’, TEDx ,
2Pallasmaa, Juhani: ‘Selfhood and the world, Lived Space, Vision and Hapticity’, Senses and the City: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Urban Sensescapes, Glass house, 2001, ppt.62

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