I-Chun Lin MFA

Master-Thesis: "The first impression from Human’s unconscious reaction."

Supervision: Prof. Ute Eitzenhöfer, Prof. Theo Smeets

"The project has concentrated on many examples in various thoughts, and it is all about human emotions, the reaction from cultural influences, and the stuff I thought it’s normal for daily life that affects us a lot more than we notice. Originally, from the subtle types of associations in a city. However, the cities where I have been and doing the observations for TEXT would be too limited because it shouldn’t just be a work. The TEXT should be developed from the fountainhead, the local culture, or the human being. I went ahead mainly on people rather than the environment. A TEXT plan I had shown the process of information from the environment itself. Owing to my perspective, it leads everyone to discover the characteristics of our life through personal impression. To describe its connection with the people, it uses experimental methods to develop vivid connotations of the TEXT. I will also see it as another life, wanting to share the story with us, and I wake it up.

The TEXT has concentrated on many examples in various thoughts and observations. Many moments, when we are in the new place, think of ourselves as a stranger and feel insecurity. We do how we usually do because that is the way the body has given protection to accept the environment. Afterward, you are going to feel the same familiar way as other places you were. Then it is the feel of belonging we need in daily life. It sounds really spiritual in the way about the instinctive reactions in human behaviours, but I want to focus on why people create those TEXTs I define that are already surrounding us, and make a connection to himself. To bring comfort and harmony feelings into pieces, have a peaceful idea in mind to remind us daily life is what it is. It’s what we should react unconsciously and Instinctively. That is the first impression we have already. First Intuition is a kind of presentation, in which an object is presented to the human mind. More specifically, it is a kind of cognition, a presentation with consciousness, which refers to objects.

TEXT, is the meaningful coincidence of mind and physical events for the research that I would like to express for human unconscious impression. That happens everywhere and every time, we just did not know and did not notice consciously. The meaning and reason that cause TEXT existence are endowed by human original thinking. It is not only the instinct from self-consciousness but also the mutual sense of recognition in the entire species."

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