Mana Jahangard Mahboub MFA

Master-Thesis: "I am just a memory that I cannot even remember"

Betreuung: Prof. Theo Smeets, Dipl.-Des. Cornelia Wruck

"Memory... It's summertime and such a warm day. I walk inside an ice cream shop, choosing my favourite flavours, one yogurt, one bitter chocolate. I already know it is going to taste amazing, I have it in my memory. After finishing my ice cream, I realize the need of water. It would wash away all the sweet taste in my mouth which made me thirsty. It's a good feeling for me, not because I didn't like the ice cream, but just because I needed the water washing the sweetness away. My visit in the ice cream shop is one of many memories, I carry through my life. Memory makes our Identity; shapes our personality, makes the story of our life. For me memory is like the ice cream story, it doesn't matter how bitter or sweet it is; you need water to wash it all away. But if that happens, what would every single one of us be without our memory? We would have no identities without it and at the end aren't we all just a memory that we can't even remember?"

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