Minna Markkanen MFA

Master-Thesis: "Fusion between a Person and Foreign Materials through Transplantation and Implantation"

Supervision: Prof. Ute Eitzenhöfer, Prof. Eva-Maria Kollischan, Prof. Theo Smeets

"When I came up with my question: “In what degree is fusion possible between a human and foreign materials?”, I did not expect the depths I would reach with my research, neither the psychological side on implantations nor the ethical one.

The ethical side opened the dilemmas involved with man and material: It wasn’t just about the things I was expecting, like illegal organ transplants and black-market, but the whole discussion about the ethics of 3D-printing and the divisoin it can bring upon the rich and poor.
I delved deep into information about bioprinting, a technique I have thought to be a real game-changer of the future of “spare-parts” for humans. 
Reading the psychological terminations about how people feel about their implants and that there is an actual studied field of medicine was very eye-opening.

The idea of a person going through stages with their lost organ related to the new organ was very interesting and I think it shows the complexity of being human and how we all, to at least some extent, do wonder what it is that makes us the person we are."

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