General Information on Registering for Exams via QIS

  • To log in to QIS, you need your user name and password from the "Rechenzentrum" ( Computer Centre and IT-Service of the Trier University of Applied Sciences). If you have forgotten your password or want to change it, you can find further information here: (in german)
  • Please note that registration for the courses in Stud.IP does not mean that you have registered for an examination in QIS at the same time. You must register for an exam in QIS.
  • You can connect to the system from any computer at Trier University of Applied Sciences (all campuses). The connection is safe, i.e. all sent and received data is encrypted and thus protected against access by others.
  • In general, you can also connect to the service from any other computer outside the university. To do this, you must authenticate yourself again, i.e. you will be requested to enter your password before logging on to QIS. Alternatively, you can also use a VPN connection to the Trier University of Applied Sciences. You can find instructions at: (in german)  ATTENTION: The use of QIS via computers outside the University of Applied Sciences Trier is a service whose functionality cannot be guaranteed. For example, the university does not influence problems with your Internet provider. Should problems appear, you must use a computer within the Trier University of Applied Sciences for your examination registration/deregistration!
  • When you register for an exam or check your registration, you will be shown detailed information about the particular exam. 
  • Registration period. Registration is only possible during the registration period. Example: 01.05.2019 - 31.05.2019; The system closes the registration process on 31st. May 2019 at 24:00 hrs. Until the end of the registration period, you can register for and cancel any exam you want.
  • Cancellation period.Between the end of the registration phase and the end of the cancellation period, you can cancel the exam correctly once again. However, it is then not possible to re-register. It is often possible to withdraw up to a few days before the examination. Still, the department can also stipulate that the end of the registration period is the same as the end of the withdrawal period.
  • ATTENTION: Before the end of the registration period, please check whether your applications have been entered into the system correctly. Delayed registrations can no longer be considered.
  • In the event of resignation due to an illness, you must submit your medical certificate within three working days of the examination to the Studienservice at the Trier University of Applied Sciences, Schneidershof location, Building G. The medical certificate will then be sent to you within three working days of the examination. The documents will not be accepted in the secretary's office in your department. Use the " Supplement to the submission of certificates" form, which you can download at the following address: (in german)
  • If you did not take part in an exam, the entry NE for "not taken" always appears first. Certificates and other reasons for withdrawal cannot be registered in the system until the examiners have completed the assessment process. In individual cases, an NF may appear for a more extended period, even if you have submitted a medical certificate.
  • The examiners enter grades in two stages: Immediately after the grades have been recorded, you can view the grades in QIS (1st level). However, the marks are initially indicated as provisional because, for example, changes in scores may still occur after an examination inspection, which are then recorded by the examiners too. Once the examiners have completed the scoring process in the system (stage 2), access to the study service is transferred, and note of provisionality disappears.
  • You can print out current performance overviews in various formats at any time. If you need a performance overview, e.g. for applications, you can print it out in the study service and have it stamped.
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