General information about recognition

The recognition of studies and exams and the recognition of extracurricular competences is based on § 25 Paragraph 3 of the Higher Education Law.

Achievements in studies and examinations which have been completed in a programme of study at a domestic or foreign university or at the Trier University of Applied Sciences shall be recognised; Providing that the learning outcomes obtained in this way do or do not differ substantially in content, workload, qualification level and profile from those of a programme of studies for which recognition is applied for. An overall assessment must be made of the achievements for achieving goals of the plan and purpose of exams. In this sense, there is a considerable difference if the applicant is expected to be impeded in successfully completing the course of study. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide adequate information for recognition. The proof for the assertion of essential differences lies with the Hochschule. 

Upon application, the higher education institution can recognise qualifications and skills acquired outside of higher education based on documents submitted, if these qualifications and skills are equivalent in content and level to the examination work they are intended to substitute. Acquired knowledge and skills outside higher education may replace a maximal of half of the credit points to be awarded during the study programme. The verification of the equivalence of the non-university achievements provided by the applicant to the examination achievements they are intended to replace shall be carried out on a case-by-case basis on the evidence supplied by the applicant, such as work certificates, references, subject descriptions, curricula and the equivalent. Proof of equivalence is the responsibility of the applicant.

Procedure for recognition

If you change from one university to the University of Applied Sciences Trier or if you change the programme within the University of Applied Sciences Trier, you have to apply for a specific semester in the desired programme. Within the framework of the application process, you must prove your academic background to the Study Service by submitting performance records and module descriptions. The documents will be forwarded to the head of the respective Examination Board for approval by the Student Services with a recognition form for the admissions programme.

After the recognition form has been completed, the recognised achievements are registered in the examination administration system QIS by the Study Service employees. After successful registration, all students receive access to the QIS system. The recognised achievements can then be displayed in the system.  

The procedure for the recognition of achievements performed abroad, practical study phases or non-university competences is regulated differently at the Trier University of Applied Sciences depending on the subject area. Recognition or crediting is carried out by the responsible authorities in each department. Therefore, please inform yourself about the contact persons and the internal forms in your department.

Recognition of achievements within the framework of a stay abroad

Please be sure to contact the appropriate department before your stay in a foreign country to discuss your study programme at the foreign university; this will simplify the recognition procedure after your visit to a foreign country. Students who go abroad with an Erasmus scholarship must, in any case, specify in a Learning Agreement exactly which courses they would like to take at the foreign university. For details on the recognition procedure, please contact the appropriate office in your department. You can obtain comprehensive information on studying abroad in general from the International Office.

Conversion of grades

In the case of recognition, the grades - in so far as the grading systems are comparable - are adopted and included in the overall grade Score. The Grade System at foreign universities generally differs from the Grade System in Germany. If grades are to be used, they must, therefore, be calculated. There are different possibilities for the conversion, such as the so-called modified Bavarian formula. Information on the conversion rule used for your degree programme can be obtained from the responsible department. In the case of unique grading systems and the crediting of non-university competences, the note "passed" is included in the certificate and the recognised or credited achievements are consequently not included in the calculation of the overall grade.



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The individual departments provide information on their corresponding websites. If you cannot find any information there, please contact the head of the Examination Board in your degree programme.

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