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The university city of Trier also has a lot to offer academic career starters: a comprehensive range of leisure and cultural activities, proximity to nature, internationality and attractive employers. However, it feels as if it is less successful than average in keeping young graduates in the region.
What is the reason for this and how can we succeed in increasing the rate of retention among Trier's university graduates?
Ten students of the seminar "Applied Marketing" under the direction of Prof. Dr. Udo Burchard and Dr. Daniel Arnold from the Office for Urban Development and Statistics of the City of Trier dealt with this topic in the winter semester 2019/20 under the title "Young Professional Labor Market Trier". The study was carried out as part of the EU-funded Interreg project "Task Force Grenzgänger 2.0".

The aim of the project is on the one hand to further develop the cross-border labor market and on the other hand to strengthen Trier as a place to live and work in the greater region.
In the first phase of the project, the project objectives were defined, a market and environmental analysis was carried out and scientific findings, theories and models on the subject were examined in more detail.
In the second phase, an online survey was conducted at the University and the University of Applied Sciences Trier. Overall, Trier as a city is generally rated positively or very positively by over 80% of the 1,027 respondents. However, half of the prospective academic career starters are planning or have definite plans to leave the region after graduation. Desire for something new, job opportunities and social contacts are the main factors for leaving the region. Relationships with family and partners, but also a job in prospect and nature are arguments for one third of the respondents to rather stay in the region.
In the final conceptual phase, suggestions for increasing the retention rate were developed. The ideas ranged from greening the city center (Green Trier), recruitment campaigns for first-year students, relocation assistance, meet & eat events, a "Study in Trier website," expansion of the bicycle and scooter infrastructure to cooperation with business partners and transportation companies. 

Consortium City of Trier - Office of Urban Development and Statistics; Department of Economics Trier University of Applied Sciences
Duration October 2019 - May 2020
Funded by City of Trier - Office for Urban Development and Statistics within the Interreg V A Greater Region Project Task Force Grenzgänger 2.0
Funding amount 4500 €

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