Hydrological test catchment “Burscheider Mauer” / Eifel

Water stream in examination environment

The hydrological test catchment with a size of 42 ha includes a forest near the municipality of Landscheid in the Eifel. The storm-runoff data collected there are used to test and improve simulation models that are used in science and engineering practice.

Due to the size of the watershed, the collected data are particularly suitable for so-called external natural catchments of urban sewer systems. These are largely natural sub-catchments, which have their own surface drainage system and empty into a sewer system. In principle such inflows are to be disconnected from the sewer system if possible. If this cannot be avoided due to the local conditions with economically justifiable expenditure, then these areas are to be considered at sewer system simulations, since they can affect the flow hydrographs and the design significantly. Discharges from larger external catchments are often particularly responsible for urban flash floods, which have also become a matter of public interest due to recent heavy rainfall events.

Especially due to the lack of measured values, possible calculation approaches are subject to uncertainties. Consequently, there is a great need for data to improve storm-runoff models for external natural catchments. Some of the results obtained so far with the data collected here have already been presented at a nationwide continuing education seminar in 2018.

In addition, storm-runoff models (improved by these data) can be used as follows for the conception and design of flood protection measures or for the proof of effectiveness of existing facilities, for the assessment or verification of special structures in the sewer system, such as combined sewer overflows, retention basins or pumping stations, and for the immission-oriented assessment (i.e. with regard to water pollution) of combined sewer overflows, such as stormwater overflows or stormwater overflow tanks.

Consortium Trier University of Applied Sciences; Environmental department Spangdahlem Air Base; Trier Regional Office of the Struktur- und Genehmigungsdirektion (SGD) Nord
Duration since 2010
Funded by the consortium's own funds
Funding amount share of the Trier University of Applied Sciences: approx. 5000 € investment costs, approx. 500 € / year running costs

Project Management at Trier University of Applied Sciences:

Prof. Dr. Joachim Sartor

Faculty Civil and Supply Engineering + Food Technology

Department of Civil Engineering

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