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Awareness: Mobile Arbeit

The service agreement "Mobile Arbeit" came into effect on 07/01/2022. The "Checkliste Informationssicherheit und Datenschutz für mobiles Arbeiten" is part of this application.

Procedure for completing the checklist:

  1. Write to us!
    Just send an email to and ask for an appointment to fill out the checklist.
    We will get back to you and coordinate a video conference, a phone call or even an on-site meeting with you.
    Group appointments with up to three people are also possible.
  2. Talk to us!
    We will discuss the individual points of the checklist and give you tips for safe mobile working.
    Afterwards, the completed and signed checklist will be sent to you by internal post. Attach the checklist to your application.
    All necessary application forms for mobile work can be found on the intranet:
    Application DV mobile work (link is visible after login!)
  3. Work safely!
    Please follow our advice and take all training offers and awareness campaigns seriously.
    If you have any questions about safe mobile working, simply contact us by email at
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