General information on lending

The library of the Main Campus offers a stock of approximately 80,000 printed and audiovisual media units (books, magazines, standards etc.) and about 40,000 e-books.

In addition, you have the option of borrowing the energy-saving package for free.

In the following overview you will find the most important information about lending.

Lending: printed books, printed journals etc.

Lending & Return


As a registered user of the library, you can borrow books, AV media (e.g. DVDs) and journals from the library free of charge. The only exceptions are media that are not part of the library's non-lending,  special or reserve collection.

Special loans a) of the non-lending or special collection, b) of individual journals / volumes or c) of the reserve collection are only possible overnight or over a weekend. Please come to the service desk half an hour before the end of the opening hours.

The printed and audiovisual media can be researched via the online catalogue. If there is a hit, you will find a call number in the display (e.g. "DV 48/0246"). It tells you where to find the medium in the bookshelves.


Please come to the service desk to borrow the appropriate media.


You have two options for returning borrowed media:

  • Service desk: Come to the service desk during the library's opening hours.
  • Return box: Use the orange return box in front of the library in building B. It is accessible during the entire opening hours of the university building (Monday to Friday: 7.00 am - 8.00 pm). Please note:
    • Return is the responsibility of the borrower.
    • Confirmation of return will be sent to the email address on file in the library account.
    • Make sure that loose enclosures and the like cannot fall out.
    • As a rule, the return will not be posted until the next opening day. (Late fees may be incurred due to exceeding the deadline).
Lending Periods

Media can only be borrowed from you for a certain period of time. For printed or audiovisual works, the loan periods (or: lending periods) are usually three weeks.

Overdue Fee

Overdue fees are charged for all media you have borrowed and returned or extended too late. The amount is specified in the fee schedule of the library:

The following applies: The overdue fees for the late return or renewal of borrowed media amount to 2.00 EUR per borrowed medium for each commenced week. In the case of special loans measured in days, the late fees amount to EUR 2.00 for each commenced working day (as of 10/2018).


Background: You have the possibility to extend the lending period of a borrowed medium. Requirements are:

  • It is a book or AV medium (DVD etc.). Un-/bound journals cannot be renewed.
  • There is no reservation for the medium by another user.
  • The maximum number of possible renewals has not yet been reached.

Procedure: The renewal can be carried out

  • autonomous via your library account in the online catalogue (see below)
  • personally, at the information desk
  • by phone:  0651 / 8103-207 (information desk)
  • by e-mail: bibliothek[at]

Library account: Execution of a renewal

  1. Open the online catalog and click on "My Account" in the top menu bar.
  2. Log in with your library ID and PIN.
  3. Select tab "Checkouts" in your user account. You will receive a list of your loans, sorted by date of loan.

If you search for a particular medium in the online catalogue, it may happen that all its copies have already been borrowed. In such a case, you have the option to reserve the already borrowed medium. Please come to the service desk or send us an e-mail.

Once the reserved medium has been returned, you will be notified by e-mail. The medium is then ready for you to pick up at the service desk for seven days.

Your Library Account

Background: Your online library account allows you i. a. to keep track of your loans and return dates and to extend loan periods.

Procedure: Calling up your library account

  1. Open the online catalogue.
  2. Select the tab "Account" and log in with your ID and password.

Download: e-books

Research & download

The stock of the library offers you over 50,000 e-books. A large part of the full texts is stored for you in the SpringerLink database. There are two ways to find the e-books:

  • Online catalogue:
    • The e-books of the library are fully listed in the online catalogue. You can recognise them in the hit display by the addition "[eBook]" after the main title of the book. Follow the link at "Electronic access" to call up the book in a database and download it if required.
    • Link: Online Catalogue
    • Download via: Campus computer, VPN or Shibboleth (in case of SpringerLink books).
  • SpringerLink:
    • The majority of the library's e-books are deposited in SpringerLink. You can search for the e-books there directly. Important: The e-books available to you do not have a yellow lock in front of the title.
    • Link: SpringerLink (→ Shibboleth)
    • Download via: Campus computer, VPN or Shibboleth (in case of SpringerLink books).
Legal information

Please note:

  • copies of digital products may only be used within the scope of the copyright law (§ 53 UrhG), that means exclusively for private or other own use; for this purpose, a storage on USB stick and print copy is possible.
  • forwarding to external persons is not permitted.
  • the use of bot programs is prohibited.

Information: key lending for lockers

Key Lending

Right in front of the library entrance and in the entrance area of ​​building B you will find lockers.

  • Some of the lockers can be used against a deposit (one or two €2.00 pieces). The coins have to be brought along, a change in the library is not possible.
  • For lockers that are not equipped with a deposit system, the keys can be borrowed at the library service counter. Borrowing is free of charge.

The seperate regulations for the use of the lockers of the Trier University Library apply (German).


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