Corporate Design

CORPORATE DESIGN - a continuous process

A corporate design is an ongoing and living process, characterized by constant strategic development, change to respond to new challenges and ultimately testing. Therefore we understand design as a dynamic development, which we accompany as public relations. So that our appearance does not become arbitrary, but speaks a uniform visual language, we ask you to use the offered templates and to coordinate drafts for printed products with us.


Campus related colour system


The colour system serves as orientation for the observer: it reflects the structure of the
University with its three campuses again.

White is used consciously and extensively and dominates the design throughout. It serves to achieve the desired generosity in the overall effect.
Black is used throughout as colour for logo and font - but not for larger areas.
A pair of colours is defined for all universities, such as campus-related. This is used exclusively for the respective defined sender. Each high-contrast colour pair consists of a light and a dark tone. The colours are slightly broken throughout.



House Font

Here you will find (only after LogIn Staff) the house font „AlwynTM New Family" for download.

In addition to colour and image, the font is a central element in the current corporate design of the Trier University of Applied Sciences. The font will be used for all correspondence, presentations, print publications (including flyers, brochures, posters, banners, roll-ups) and advertising material.

The "Alwyn™ New Family" is available to all professors and staff. Students can use the font for the computer pool.

If the corporate design font is not available, the system font "Verdana" will be used. The house font may not be mixed with the substitute font "Verdana" within a design.

Protect copyrights

Just as computer programs are protected by copyright, writings are also subject to this protection.

Based on the number of licensees and available hardware, a campus license for the font family "Alwyn™ New" was purchased for the current corporate design of the Trier University of Applied Sciences.

Therefore, the existing campus license does not entitle to unlimited use. Each installation represents the use of one of the available licenses. 

It's not allowed:

  • Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of the font (not even to students)
  • Public accessibility of the font (e.g. by seafile, dropbox, etc.)

For further questions and information on the license terms, please contact the General Public Relations Department.



boundless. pulsating. visionary.

With these three adjectives we can identify ourselves very well as a university. They describe our location, our attractiveness, but also our aspirations. 

The geographical location of our university, especially in Trier, is characterised by cross-border cooperation. But it is not only in terms of location that we show ourselves to be borderless: our university has a wide range of offers. We take advantage of our size to be able to act flexibly. In addition to the classical courses of study, our offer also offers absolute uniqueness. This is what makes us special - and we would like to have this special feature.
we will continue to do so in the future.

Our university is constantly on the move. Its offer is highly topical. The landscape of its courses of study is changing in line with the needs of our time. The number of our students is increasing. Despite our rural location, life and ideas pulsate here. The campus design, with its activity, individuality and creative personalities, also plays a special role in this.

The sustainability of our society requires innovation and productivity. The Trier University of Applied Sciences actively conducts research and combines innovative development activities with qualified training. We are a place where countless ideas for our common future emerge and are implemented. We demonstrate our innovativeness in unique projects as well as in unique locations, such as our Zero Emission University in Birkenfeld.
The slogan can be used in various media as a text element (see e.g. exhibition wall). It is not directly connected to the logo.

The slogan must not...

  • be changed in its text sentence.
  • be too small and illegible.
  • be used in other colours outside the specified colour system.
  • be supplemented by other textual content.
The logo family


Here you find (only after LogIn) the logo family for download

The university's new corporate design deliberately dispenses with the core element of a logo, the pictogram. Instead, the logo presents itself as a pure typographic word mark. Even if many of you are initially surprised by this form, its strength and high recognition value lies in this unconventional and very memorable visualisation. We want to consciously stand out from the crowd and self-confidently present these new signs to the outside world.

Basic instructions for use

  • Modified representation of the logo is not permitted (e.g. re-colour, distort, disassemble, create modifications, add lettering / specialisations)
  • every product of the Trier University of Applied Sciences bears the university logo
  • Special solutions and questions: corporate-design(at)




Here you will find templates corresponding to the corporate design (only after LogIn Staff)


Corporate Design Manual

Here you can find (only afterLogIn Staff) the current Corporate Design Manual


House font „Alwyn™ New Family"

Here you will find (only after LogIn Staff) the house font „Alwyn™ New Family" for download


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