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We are pleased to be able to offer the Children's University in Presence again this year.

During the autumn vacations (Rheinland-Pfalz) in 2021, more than 100 children aged 8-12 will again have the opportunity to visit Trier University, learn about the many great fields of study and experience fascinating moments of science.

Be there when the Children's University opens the doors again in 2021! The program and registration options will be announced in the next weeks. Be excited!

Your Children's University Team

What is the 'Children's University' and how does it work?

Studying as a 'real' student at the Kinder-Uni; attending short, crisp lectures, attending intensive seminars and directly implementing these experiences in workshops - this is the Kinder-Uni at the Trier University of Applied Sciences; for all kids aged 8-12. 

Much at universities is different from at school. 

While at school you have many different subjects, at university you choose a single field of study, a special subject in which you are particularly interested.

So the great thing is that you can study on this day and learn a lot of things with great fun.

Just like at a real university, you have to "apply" for the Children's University of the University of Trier and decide on a field of study.
Simply send us an email to: and tell us which event you would like to register for. We also need your name and age. We will then contact you by email if you have been able to get a place in your desired event of the children's university.

The History of the Children's University

The success story of the Children's University began in the summer semester of 2004 with the action programme of the state government »Child-friendly Rhineland-Palatinate«.
The cooperation of the Ministries of Education, Women and Youth and of Science, Continuing Education, Research and Culture, all four universities and seven universities of applied sciences in Rhineland-Palatinate as well as the SWR Tiger Duck Club makes it possible to be the first federal state in Rhineland-Palatinate to develop interesting offers for children between the ages of 8 and 12.

In this context, the Trier University of Applied Sciences and the University of Trier also offered lectures, workshops and excursions. Under the local motto »Pänz an Uni und FH«, the two universities in Trier jointly promoted the Children's University Project from 2004 to 2008, with the Trier University of Applied Sciences focusing on the technical and design areas.

The urge to explore and the thirst for knowledge of the »Pänz« were satisfied by a multitude of different offers. The events provided answers to the manifold questions of the young students and took them into the world of science. In the FH laboratories they carried out experiments and experienced the one or other »Aha-Effekt«.

For 5 years, the focus was on individual events that took place in the afternoon. As a result of the increase in all-day schools and competing afternoon events, many children and parents wanted a different offer.
We responded to this wish and in 2009 developed a concept for a »new children's university«, which did not only offer a newly developed programme.

With the Children's University 2019, we will continue this tradition and with our young thinkers and researchers, we will overcome the limits of what is familiar and embark on a voyage of discovery that has never been seen before.


The Goals of the Children's University

The Children's University at Trier University offers its young students a glimpse into the world of research and thinking, in which learning does not mean learning by heart, but getting to know, in which it is not routine that guides the procedure, but curiosity, in which knowledge sets standards and not grading. 

The Children's University at Trier University of Applied Sciences does not want to be a taster course in everyday university life - the offer and atmosphere are far too exciting and varied. The children should come into contact with renowned scientists and experts from the field, who dedicate their lives to a subject, a topic or special tasks. Their passion to increase and pass on knowledge about our world should encourage the children to perceive the acquisition of knowledge as a joy and an exciting task. 

For this purpose, the Children's University at the Trier University of Applied Sciences relies on outstanding scientists from various faculties as well as on experts from various fields of practice who are keen to pass on their knowledge and experience to children. 

On the other hand, the Children's University at the Trier University of Applied Sciences  strives for a high quality of teaching through small groups, good technical equipment and a stimulating environment.

Contact Person

Katrin Feichtner

Public Relations of the Trier University of Applied Sciences
Tel.: +49 651 8103-768
Fax: +49 651 8103-557

The children's university makes so much fun

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