Artistic Design

This interdisciplinary course of studies under the direction of Prof. Jörg Obergfell is aimed at students of all six disciplines and can be taken additionally. Cooperation with students from other design disciplines is a valuable enrichment of the course. New themes, new materials and new ways of thinking have an inspiring effect on their own work. This subject can be regarded as an artistic experiment between the study courses. Supposed boundaries are extended, broadened, blown up.

Interdisciplinary Fine Art Bilingual courses (B.A. and M.A.) – winter term 22/23

Crooked Timber – Basics of wood sculpture (3 - 6 ECTS)

The course offers a theoretical and practical introduction to wood carving. On the one hand, the material wood and its creative, sculptural possibilities are examined by studying the properties of this lively material and an overview of artistic positions utilizing wood from the middle ages to this day. On the other hand sculpting techniques – which also can be transferred to other materials – especially with chisels and knifes are practiced. The module expands the possibilities of model making, the understanding of sculptural basics, the sensitive handling of material and a material based approach to each students individual artistic personality.

- Oral Presentation of an artist working with wood
- 2 small practice tasks: relief, spoon
- Individual wood sculpture

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Stage design Broadway Danny Rose (5-6 ECTS)

together with Prof. Sanna Leppäkoski
The module takes place in close cooperation with the departments of Fashion Design, and Interior Design and the Saarland State Theater in Saarbrücken and offers a unique opportunity to learn about working in theater as a profession for designers. We will design different stage sets for the play Broadway Danny Rose by Woody Allen, which is on the program in Saarbrücken this January. In meetings held together with the team of the theater, insights into different development and production processes of a scenography will be given. The play Broadway Danny Rose provides an exciting basis and inspiration for applied and artistic design: topics such as stage spaces, room installation, color design, and techniques such as photography, collage, sculpture, and model making will be taught and deepened.

- Paper on a design/stage design position
- Small exercises, e.g. building a model, color and space
- Design of a stage set for the play Broadway Danny Rose

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You don't take a photograph you make it - basics of photography

This block seminar consists of 3 sections: In the first part, the basics of photography such as exposure triangle, composition, etc. are taught theoretically and practically by means of short exercises. The second part consists of applying and deepening what has been learned by means of architectural and exhibition photography at MUDAM in Luxembourg as well as stagings in urban space. During the third part, the photos or raw files created in the first two parts are "developed" with the help of Photoshop.

Since this block seminar will only take place on 2.5 days, no ECTS points can be awarded for it.

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Real Nature is not Green – Art and Ecology (3-6 ECTS)

In this course we will theoretically and practically examine the supposed opposition between nature and culture. Texts from philosophy and art theory will be read and discussed in order to reflect upon the concept of nature and its relation to art. These texts will be supplemented and illustrated by presentations on design positions that explicitly incorporate various concepts of nature into their work. Practically we will start with a variety of quick tasks including photography, drawing, sculpture and Photoshop. The basic knowledge required will be taught and practiced according to the tasks. The results of these tasks serve on the one hand as a basis for discussion in order to find and examine one's own artistic personality and design attitude. On the other hand, they are preparations for a free assignment on the topic of nature and art.

- Oral Presentation of an artistic position related to nature
- 5 small practical tasks
- Individual art project

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