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Junior Corporate Design Award 2023 goes to Master's graduate of the Communication Design course

The prize of 1000 euros goes to the outstanding master's thesis "The Groa Foundation" by Jana Heinz, supervised by Prof. Andreas Hogan in typography.

Conception and design of a flexible visual system as a brand identity for a mental health foundation

The brand identity of the fictitious mental health foundation was conceived as a flexible visual system and thus offers significant advantages in its application. For example, it enables a certain degree of automatic design and simplifies collaboration between designers and non-professionals. The variable basic elements consist of four patterns and a grid system with four fixed grid types. Important constants are the characteristic font mix and the color concept. The large number of application examples illustrates the considerable variability of the system.

The jury, consisting of experts from the industry, expressed their enthusiasm:

"A concept that has been thought through in depth and is derived and visualized to an impressive extent. All the key elements of a corporate design have been created and their use defined. The integration of illustrative, photographic and typographic fragments is remarkable. Despite all the consistency, the result is not a rigid appearance, but a construction kit that invites experimentation."

"Beautiful. Simply beautiful to see how deeply you can think through a concept and how each element is given a functional derivation. Design because it has to, not because it can."

"Concept thought through with great attention to detail, wonderful how the topic was delved into and the design constants were derived! Also very good use of typography and color!"

"Wow, the presentation and the case film alone are impressively perfect. A junior project? Mega! Award candidate."

"A really good junior work unfolds here! Creative, experimental and convincingly credible."

"Great work. It more than deserves the award. And what's also really good is that it works without a manual."

"If I had a design agency, I would try to win them over. Coherent down to the last detail... and she can do case films too. Hats off, an outstanding talent - we'll certainly be seeing more of her in the future."

"The joy of creating. The joy of sharp thinking and planning. The joy of experimenting. The joy of communication. All of this shines through when I see this Master's thesis. Inspiring. Don't we have the best job in the world?"

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