Earrings ©Miriam Strake Photo ©Sophia Kron


Cooperation with the Jakob Bengel-Foundation, Idar-Oberstein
Sophia Kron, Elias Neuspiel, Helena Renner, Miriam Strake, Lisha Wang

Prof. Theo Smeets, Carolin Denter, Gina Müller

Project typ
BFA semester project, Department of Gemstones and Jewellery, winter semester 2021/22


Five bachelor's students of the Gemstones and Jewellery Department at Trier University of Applied Sciences gained professional experience in the field of design during a workshop at the Jakob Bengel industrial monument. They were able to use the historic machines and tools of the Jakob Bengel Foundation, and the jewellery-friendly and lightweight aluminium was available to them as material. The students were inspired by the history of the industrial monument and its special atmosphere.

The result are 18 small series under the title "Bengel CHARMS", which were revealed to the public on the Day of the Open Monument on 11 September 2022. From 3 pm. The students presented their work with a catwalk and an exhibition.

The Japanese artist Kyoco Taniyama, artist in residence of the Department of Gemstones and Jewellery and the Jakob Bengel-Foundation from July to September 2022, develops rhythmic sound installations from the sounds of the historical machines in the Industrial Monument Jakob Bengel. She sees the machines as living and animated instruments. Taniyama has created an exclusive soundtrack for Bengel CHARMS.


Jewellery show - Sound by Kyoco Taniyama

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