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Kyoco Taniyama is Artist in Residence from July 2022

Welcome to our new AiR!

Kyoco Taniyama's works and exhibitions are inspired by local histories, she creates sculptures and multimedia installations reacting to the particular identity of a place. Currently, she is particularly interested in contradictions in society.

About her current work ""Work and Ornaments:

"The concept is about the contradictory situation of harsh working conditions and human-made environmental destruction behind luxury ornaments. During the period of peak affluence of the jewellery industry, which lasted around 150 years, the Oberstein's Nehe river was polluted by discarded toxic water from the factories. At the same time, work was performed In historical machines that effused beautifully powerful energy from human wisdom and copious efforts.
Humans are always living with paradoxes. But now, we should see find direction for a better future. What are the better future for humans and all creatures and existence on the planet?"

Kyoco Taniyama was born in Japan, since 2018 she lives and works in Berlin.

Website of Kyoco Taniyama

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