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Sharareh Aghaei receives Award for Best Work in Amber at Amber Trip Award

Sharareh Aghaei Object: Momentos, 2019 Amber, silver, metal mesh, resin epoxy, stainless steel. 8.5 x 8 x 4 cm Awarded at: Amber Trip Award 2019 The best work with amber.

The winners of the international jewellery contest in Vilnius were announced. Professional jewelers from the US, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and South Korea have been nominated for this year's International Random Rapid Heartbeats Competition. The artists were nominated for five nominations, and the winners were announced on the 15th of March at the international jewellery exhibition Amber Trip.

The Grand Prix nomination for the Random Rapid Heartbeat Competition was won by Jina Seo from the USA. According to the competition commission, the artist's piece End to End is dedicated to the memory of personal history and conveys the message of American culture.

The Moment by German artist Sharareh Aghaei (MFA 2018) was awarded as the best work with amber, and the award as the best object was awarded to Lithuanian jeweler Brigita Rodaitė for the work Attachment. In the jewellery category, the nomination was for two works: Jeweler Michal Owczarek (Poland) for Imperceptibly and Irena Žukauskytė (Lithuania) for Outgoing. The public sympathy prize for the jewellery Heartbeat went to Ieva Zigunskaya from Lithuania.

Four artists Lauryna Kiskytė, Agnė Žaltauskaitė and Airidas Skublickas from Lithuania and Ji Young Kim from South Korea have received special commission diplomas.​

This year has shown that more and more artists are becoming aware of the competition, and the number of entries for their competition is growing. The competition was attended by artists from different backgrounds, works of both young debutors and recognized artists, says Laima Kėrienė, the chairman of the contest, Professor of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Artist-Jeweler.

The theme of this year's contest was social, and it was aimed at reflecting the topicalities in the world. 72 jewelers from 14 countries took part in the international jewellery contest "Random Rapid Heartbeats". Jewellers from Lithuania, Poland, Iran, Russia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, China, South Korea, Taiwan, USA and other countries competed for the name of the winners.

According to the chairman of the competition commission, thanks to the annual jewellery art competitions published by Amber Trip, the world is becoming more and more widely known about Lithuania, especially among professional jewelers, curators and galleries.

Amber Trip's international jewellery art contests are an important event for Lithuanian artists as well - an opportunity for Lithuanian artists to break away from on-demand creations, where jewellery visions are brought to the customers and often lead to creative decisions. The art competition frees thinking and rises to a higher level and is available in virtual space. Creating an opportunity to present authors, creators to performers and assessors, and exhibition organizers around the world, says Prof. L. Kėrienė.

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