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Master Graduate Kun Zhang Awarded with BKV Prize

Object and Pins from Kun Zhang (MFA 2017)

Kun Zhang (MFA 2017) was awarded with the third prize for her extraordinary technical skills and her poetic language.

The Bavarian Arts and Crafts Association, founded in 1851, aims to raise public awareness of arts and crafts and to deepen access to cultural understanding. The association operates an exquisite shop and the Gallery of Applied Arts in Munich's city centre. In the shop a changing offer of high-quality contemporary handicrafts of the association members is available for sale all year round. Here a wide selection of jewellery, silverware, ceramics, glass, textiles, wooden objects and paperwork is offered. Always it concerns thereby something completely special, because only Unikate or small series are represented. At present 430 members from all ranges of the handicraft belong to the association.

Award ceremony of the BKV Prize 2019 for young handcrafts was Saturday 16 March, 2019, 14 - 15 h, at the Handwerk and Design Fair in Munich. Kun Zhang (MFA 2017) was awarded for her extraordinary technical skills and her poetic language:

Kun Zhang (MFA 2017) cuts extremely thin pins out of ebony wood. This type of wood is characterized by a high density, which makes it hard to model. Still, Zhang’s pieces are all handmade.
The abstract form of her objects makes its appearance minimalistic; life reduced to lines, like in the work by Brancusi. At the same time, the sharp pointed pin is warning us to be careful, because it reminds us of violence – much in the same way as in the beautiful artwork by Lucio Fontana.
When you wear the ebony pin, it shows all you can imagine a pin can represent. It refers to a Roman fibula holding your gown. It also refers to the closure, the back pin for fixing a brooch, turning the wearer into a jewel. And last but not least this pin is long and sharp! It is a needle, a weapon and a lance or spit for everyone coming too close. / Doreen Trimmers, owner of Galerie Door

Kun Zhang
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