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Itami International Jewellery Exhibition in Japan

Outside view of the Museum in Japan

The 22nd ITAMI International Craft Exhibition’s theme is “Jewellery”, which comes every other year. Two graduates from Idar-Oberstein show their works in Japan for the first time: Felicia Mülbaier (MFA 2019) and Sonia Pibernat (MFA 2018)

The Museum of Arts and Crafts ITAMI endeavors to broaden the culture of jewellery, where it houses ITAMI College of Jewellery that aims to foster professional jewellery artists, besides holding numerous jewellery exhibitions.

As a result of such effort, the recognition of ITAMI = jewellery is now widely spread not only in Japan but also abroad. The organizers received 1,132 pieces of works from 339 artists including 138 applicants from 19 countries, resulting to 97 selected artists out of which 8 had received prizes after strict examination.

Among those from diverse backgrounds, the works awarded with prizes as well as those selected demonstrate careful consideration towards the relationship with body, nature and social environment.

5-28, Miyanomae 2-chome, Itami, HYOGO, JAPAN
Opening Hours from 16 Nov - 22 Dec 2019
Award Ceremony: 16 Nov 2019

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Felicia Mülbaier (MFA 2019) • Necklace "Rideau" • Lapis lazuli, silk and gold • 2019 • ©photo by artist
Sonia Pibernat (MFA 2018) • Necklace "Light and Illusion" • Painted copper, enamel powder, woven textile and copper • 2019 • ©photo by artist
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