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Edu Tarin nominated for LOEWE CRAFT PRIZE

Eduardo Tarin, our graduate, is one of the finalists of this year's LOEWE CRAFT PRIZE. Congrats! To be nominated for this is a distinction! Now thumbs up for the next step!

'G0' Jewellery (malachite, tiger eye, lapis lazuli, aluminium and nylon): Edu Tarín combines traditional stonemasonry techniques with new technologies for stone cutting to create two exquisite pieces - a pendant and a sculptural base - that work together and separately. The hand-carved pendant fits perfectly into the base thanks to 3D scanning and engraving. The result is an organic, harmonious duo of objects.

Innovative, above all very subtle, subtle material experiments dominate this year's selection of 30 LOEWE CRAFT PRIZE finalists from 2920 applications - 15% more than last year. They come from 18 different countries and document an almost sensational mastery in the technical craftsmanship and formal design of their subjects. "We are seeing works of the highest cultural and aesthetic standards, inspired by themes that reflect the state of the world," says Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, Executive Secretary of the Expert Panel for the Loewe Foundation's Craft Award. This year, the selection jury clearly favored fine textures and amazing surfaces, the innovative use of traditional techniques as well as an almost poetic use of recycled materials - in general, terms such as the poetic and the magical seem appropriate in this year's competition - the works of the finalists are distinguished by a very special class. It's just a pity that the online presentation doesn't mention any measurements that would be so helpful to put the objects in relation to each other, to be able to measure the delicacy of a comparatively small piece of jewellery in relation to a larger ceramic. 

This year's jury - including last year's prizewinner Genta Ishizuka; Loewe Creative Director Jonathan Anderson; former Director of the London Design Museum Deyan Sudjic; architect and designer Patricia Urquiola and architect Benedetta Tagliabue - will select the winning work from these newly selected finalists in May 2020. The exhibition of the finalists and the winner of the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize 2020 will then be shown at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris from May 21 to July 12, 2020.

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