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Earrings Galore NYC 2019 with Graduate Danni Schwaag

Danni Schwaag (Dipl. 2008) • Earrings • (l) white enamel and gold, (r) hand carved mother of pearl and gold • 2018 • ©photo by artist

During the NYC Jewelry Week in the US, Heidi Lowe Gallery Pop Up presents: "Earrings Galore NYC 2019" with Danni Schwaag (Dipl. 2008) et al.

"The objective of Earrings Galore is to show rich and diverse examples of earrings made by emerging and established studio jewelers. Although each jeweler’s artistic intent may be specific, the show consists of a broad range of thoughtful work. The exhibition creates access for the public to engage with art jewelry for the first time or to add to their collection. Featuring 53 artists from around the world, Earrings Galore 2019 will be on view at Heidi Lowe Gallery throughout the year, with pop-ups in Chicago and New York City."

Danni Schwaag: www.dannischwaag.de
Heidi Lowe Gallery: ogy.de/yrcu
Event page: ogy.de/26dr

Venue: Heidi Lowe Gallery Pop-up, 171 Elizabeth Street, NYC

Opening Hours: 19 – 21 November 2019

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